Loan Nativities, Art, Tree Form

We display depictions of the birth of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways. If you have a special piece you’d like to loan for the Shreveport Bossier Christmas Nativity event, please sign up below.

Does your Nativity set originate from a foreign country? We’d love to feature that. If you would like to have a printed country card for your Nativity set, please provide it below.

Does your Nativity set have a special story? We’d like to know more! (i.e. We purchased this Nativity set while serving in the Philippines. It was hand crafted by local artisans in the village where we lived.) Please describe using 1-2 sentences, and 200 characters maximum, below. Stories may be displayed as room on the tables permits.

    Please drop off your Nativity sets, art, trees during one of the following two time periods:
    Monday-Saturday, November 11 – 16 , 9 AM – 9PM
    Please plan to pick up your loaned Nativity set(s) on  Monday Dec 9 thru Wednesday Dec 11 from 10 am to 5pm.  .  Thank you.



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